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Garden Supplies

Does your garden soil or old potting mix need to be amended?  We have Pro Mix potting soil and peat moss to help. We also sell Alaskan Fish Fertilizer, which we have proudly used at our greenhouse for decades, to help your plants and vegetables flourish.  Wonder what seeds we use in our garden?  We have a whole display setup where you can purchase some of the same seeds we use. 




Need advice on what to plant in that shady spot on the North side of your house?  Wondering which tomato or pepper would be best for your container or garden area?  From tips on planting and care  to troubleshooting problems we have years of experience to help answer your questions.


Custom Planting

Need help with ideas on baskets and planting? Come in and have one of our expert staff help you. Have a picture of a basket that you like but don't know what flowers you need to replicate it?  Bring it in we will help. We can customize your basket for you or we can take your idea and make it a reality!  We also have a wide assortment of containers already planted.

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